Preparation on life insurance medical exam tips

Preparation on life insurance medical exam tips

Preparation on life insurance medical exam tips

Before you take your life insurance exam, then you’d better read this useful life insurance exam tips.  This life insurance medical exam will help the insurance company for estimate life expectancy and determine your premium insurance policy rate.

Get better health for better advantage

When you able to represent you as healthy person, this will give you many advantage to your insurance premiums. If available, choose healthy lifestyle to prefer your exam. Kick out whatever form of nicotine when apply life insurance. Ceasing smoke few days before take exam is help you.

Tips for optimal result on life insurance medical exam

The best preparation on life insurance exam is take seriously a week before the test. To get best result, drink a lot of water to detox your system. Skip any fast food and replace with good food such as fruits, protein and vegetables.  Three days before take exam, cut out any caffeine and alcohol. When you avoid alcohol and avoid, the test blood will give you best show you not take alcohol onboard.

A day before your life insurance medical exam takes then does these three tips to point your result.

  • Fasting during 12 hours before take physical exam, drink water as usual but not to excesses

  • Limit any extreme exercises and other activity that make you dripping too much sweat. This can be marginally mess with the blood cholesterol level and also increase the protein level in urine. When protein is present at urine, usually the insurer will ask for recheck the urine test.

  • Take a good night sleep. Take at least 8 hour before you take a exam especially when you are borderline in blood pressure.

In exam day

When you have following these tips beyond, then it means that you are presenting yourself as health picture. In your exam day, there is simple technique that you can do for lower your blood pressure. This also means that you can present less risk for any heart attack, kidney failure, and stroke complication. When your blood pressure tends to run higher, raise your arm level into heart and this will make you able to drop about 10 points.

When you have try these all tips, but then you drop off, then you can try to apply to another insurer or try to follow life insurance next year. You will have better chance and lucky when you fix anything that makes you fail in your life insurance medical exam.  Do not forget to apply healthy lifestyle and follow these life insurance exam tips better next.