Life Insurance Physical Exam Tips – 3 Ways for Better Score

Life Insurance Physical Exam Tips – 3 Ways for Better Score

Life Insurance Physical Exam Tips – 3 Ways for Better Score

Life insurance physical exam tips are probably what you need right now. The regular life insurance would require the client to do the physical exam in order to know how much the coverage will be given to the client as well as the eligibility of the client. A person that tends to have a lot of health issues would not be qualified as the life insurance’s client in general. Good health condition will give you better rate score for life insurance coverage and also the lower premium.

So, based on the reasons above we are going to give you 3 tips in order to get better rate score.

Do not smoke

We will say that this is the best way to get the discount cut. The smokers would pay three times more expensive than the non-smoker. A person that has smoked for 12 years but then stops to smoke for at least three months, they are counted as the non-smoker.

But it also means that you cannot smoke in the night before your physical exam day because they can see it through your blood pressure. If you want to get the big discount, you should also start to quit smoking a couple months before the exam day. And you should remember if one day they find fraud then there will be consequences like the heirs would not get the money.

Fasting in the night before

If you like to eat, it is better to do fasting in the night before the exam. At least you need two hours before exam for fasting. It is important to have healthy and balance final meal before the exam because it will be one of the requirements. Besides, you will not be allowed to drink anything several hours before the exam. So, be prepared of yourself.

Do not drink alcohol

As we have said earlier, the life insurance premium depends on how healthy you are. People who drink alcoholic beverage are considered as people that have unhealthy lifestyle. So if you drink, it is better to stop drink alcohol at least 48 hours before the physical exam. It will give huge impact on your blood pressure and it makes your blood works fine. But you should remember that there are a lot of gray areas once we talk about the physical exam. Still, it is good to try and follow these life insurance physical exam tips.