Big Boyz Bail Bonds


Big Boyz Bail Bonds

America’s economy took a turn for the worst. What’s next for the American people? With the three top Auto Dealers in the United States, namely: General Motors (GM), Chrysler, and Ford almost at the brink of bankruptcy, the working class is at the mercy of the federal government to patients in intensive care unit awaiting word from their doctors on their prognosis.Big Boyz Bail Bonds

Let me be candid and blunt. The federal government will have to step in and use the American taxpayers’ money to bail them out. If these three Auto Dealers go “belly up” or bankrupt, the American economy will sink into a depression and worsen. Therefore, federal intervention is a must. However, since these Auto Dealers cannot manage themselves, the federal government will have to install an oversight Board or Trustee to oversee the operation of each Auto Dealer. The United States government must regulate them in a matter where transparency and accountability paramount. The Department of Treasury must play a crucial role to monitor the operation of each Auto Dealer adequately. There must be proper expertise in doing so. To delegate this authority to the Government Accountability Office (GAO) might not be a good idea unless there is overwhelming evidence of auto expertise or some Board apparatus in place.

Poor the American people! I will never forget my first college lecture in the United States. A brilliant political science professor by the name of Dr. Shirley Ostholm patriotically declared to the class the words of President Abraham Lincoln: “That that nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom and the government of the personalities, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” Is that right? Here the federal government is getting ready to bail out the “Big Boyz Bail Bonds” from Wall Street, while the people from Main Street are losing their jobs and homes in foreclosure. Why does the “small man” or the populace must suffer? Whatever happened to these words: “Of the people, by the people, and for the people?” I hope that the American working class will benefit tremendously from this bailout plan. The government must put an end to these CEO and CFO getting huge bonus checks for mismanagement. Since they cannot perform, budget and manage such a lucrative business, take their bonus checks and invest it back into the company, or compensate the working class.

Many of these “Ivy League college” accountants and managers with their MBA and CPA have failed. Let a “Higgler” show them how to balance a budget. A Higgler is a petty trader in Jamaica, West Indies, who predominate in marketing the surplus foodstuff of peasant farmers. Some of them buy and sell clothing and shoes. Many of these Higglers are laypersons who have no formal education or training in business. They skillfully budget, manage and succeed in business. Many are now living among the elites on the island. Since these arrogant and “book smart” somebody with no social talents are masquerading as CEO, CFO, etc., at Ford, Chrysler and General Motors, and cannot budget, manage and operate a successful business, let us import “Higglers” from Jamaica to show them how to manage, budget and run a successful business. I am sorry I can’t be any more polite.

After all, capitalism seems to have its disadvantages. While I am a staunch capitalist at heart, I believe with firmly held convictions that there should be federal intervention whenever big companies such as GM, Chrysler and Ford take advantage of the working class while they pocket mega billions of dollars. Here they are running to the federal government to use the taxpayers’ money to bail them out. They treat many of the working class with complete disregard. This is outrageously ridiculous! I encourage all the good citizens of the United States of America to call their Congressmen/women and Senators to make sure that the working class won’t get shafted and trampled on in this bailout plan. There must be some benefits going to the working class, or the Main Street people in this rescue plan.

Patrick Pearce is Founder, President, and CEO of Southeastern Development & Consulting Group, Inc., a Florida Corporation.

Patrick Pearce earned his BA degree from the City University of New York and his law degree (JD) from Hofstra University School of Law in Hempstead, New York.